An Introduction to Forced Air Vaporizers & Why They are Pretty Great

It isn’t complicated technology behind these devices,An Introduction to Forced Air Vaporizers & Why They are Pretty Great Articles but a bit of ingenuity to take a process that many people were already creating at home and turning it into a powerful vaporizer that doesn’t require the users to take deep drags off the vaporizer. So, what is it about this type of vaporizer that makes them the next big thing in vaping?

How Do These Devices Work?
Interestingly, vaporizers that operate through the use of forced air were actually some of the first vaporizers released for distribution and commercial sale to the public. Therefore, these devices are not new to the vaping scene, but are gaining more and more recognition as they become slightly more affordable and functional.

Here is how they work.
Inside a forced air vaporizer is a fan that pushes very hot air across dry herb packed into a chamber. This air, similar to convection bake on your oven, is able to heat the dry herb more rapidly and evenly than just hot coils or other heating components. The resulting vapor can be drawn through an attachment or balloon bag.

Why People Like These Devices?
The biggest benefit of using a this type of vaporizer is that it is the healthiest vaping option, in terms of devices. Only forced air is used to heat the dry herb, and the output that you breath in is guaranteed to be chemical and smoke free. When you only inhale clean vapor there are far fewer health risks and potential for carcinogens.

As well, a vaporizer that is using forced air, rather than coil or other heating mechanisms, is extremely efficient. Remember the convection oven analogy? Well, it is important for more than basic functionality. As the forced air creates a convection environment inside the vaporizer, it creates a lot of heat, fast. This turns your dry herb into novo 4 vapor in no time, and there is nothing wasted.

Lastly, most of these vaporizers come with multiple fan speeds. This means a user can set the fan to a particular pace, which results in a smooth, continuous flow of vapor. There is no need to take draws from the whip or balloon bag, because the air is, obviously, forced out of the device by the fan. The result is not only an even flow of vapor, but the vapor stays at an even temperature throughout your session.

Shopping for a Good Deal
There is a lot to love about a forced air vaporizer. And some of that is reflected in the cost. These vaporizers are among the more expensive devices on the market, but users quickly become infatuated with the effects of using these particular vaporizers.

The cost means that before purchasing one of these vaporizers it is worthwhile to do some research. A shopper should understand exactly what qualities he or she wants in the device, this includes size, use of a balloon bag or not, and what temperature settings are on a particular device.

As well, research will reveal some places to get a good deal on your vaporizer. A great place to start when you are ready to purchase, is the selection available at Vapaura.

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