Oscillating Whole Body Vibration

I have been using Whole Body Vibration (WBV) for quite awhile in my office and have seen dramatic differences in my own body as well as my patients. Over the years, having worked with many professional as well as amateurs who were using WBV in their training routines, I decided to investigate alternatives to the very pricey institutional WBV models out there.

I wanted to make the technology accessible to all of my patients. I wanted to have the same kind of therapy available as a home care product to my patients, so I needed to find units that were well made, yet were priced affordably.

These units produce oscillating vibrations. It is a safe form of WBV, requires no supervision or prescription to use. It deserves to be noted, thatย  superphactor ย the vast number of research programs on WBV were done with oscillating vibration. This is particularly true for the osteoporosis studies. Up until about 10 years ago, it was by far the most common form of vibration available and it continues to be the most common form WBV utilized.

Oscillation Vibration is very simple and straightforward to operate. Most units come with an exercise poster, which depict a series of common exercises the patient can do in the privacy of their home. In order to exercise the whole body, all that is required to change one’s position on the unit according to the poster. A 10-minute session is typically all that is required.

I have most of my patients start their WBV home regiment with 5 minute session for at least the first 4 weeks. Research has shown that whole body vibration builds muscle mass 1 1/2 to 2 times faster than conventional weight workouts. Performing some of the exercises on the platform with movement will greatly increase the effect.

When standing on a WBV platform, the body’s natural sense of balance is challenged. Consequently, the brain will automatically activate many muscles in order to recover the balance lost. By changing the body’s position, the angle of vibration through the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons is varied and the stimulus will be transferred into those particular target tissues. This stimulus causes a mechanical stretch in the muscle spindles. This triggers a nerve impulse through the afferent nerves into the spinal cord and causes an involuntary reflex contraction of the muscles involved. Yet not only does the user’s system experience the strength benefits, oscillation vibration can also greatly contribute to flexibility and therefore help increasing the patients range of motion.

Oscillating vibration offers the same health-benefits as other forms of WBV. This is primarily due to the positive effects on blood-flow, lymphatic drainage and oxygenation of tissues, which are the benefits of other forms of exercise.

Since oscillation vibration is considered a low impact form of exercise, it is particularly well suited for many chiropractic patients: those with injuries, geriatrics and the ones that have not had much experience with working out.

Thus oscillating vibration is a perfect addition to the care the patient receives in our offices. It is an efficient, fast, safe form of exercise at an affordable price!


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