The Mechanism of Gemstones Astrology

Whenever any person chooses to wear them, those energies get transferred to that person’s body, mind, soul, and life. The presence of those energies stimulates the positive impacts of strong planets, and nullifies the negative impacts of weak or malefic planets in favor of the bearer. This is what can be called as an outline of the way; Opal gemstones astrologically work for its bearer. However, there is a depth of detail associated with it.

Gemstones Astrology: Intensifying and Easing
From ancient times, there is a common saying that every person holds a certain aura around himself. Lately, this has been scientifically accepted as a result of a study of Russian scientists, who says that each individual has some kind of aura which is more of a space involving electromagnetic radiations, which comprises of microwaves, infrared ways, and ultraviolet radiations in it. According to spiritual philosophy, the nature of this aura entirely depends on the deeds, which one has carried out in his past life as well as the deeds of the present time. Scientifically, this aura is a result of the presence of positive and negative energies which further are the result of the presence of the planets, which might be favorable or unfavorable.

As soon as a person is born, he gets affected by the different nature of energies of different planets, and thus an aura is formed around that person. This aura stays around a person all through his life and affects his way of life in different aspects. This aura is flexible, as it gets influenced by the deeds of a person, the different time periods with which a person goes through in his life, and also the impact of positive or negative energies as generated by different planets and planetary combinations. The presence of this aura and the nature of it impacts the way our life unfolds, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad.

Gemstones: Erasing Problems and Bringing Luck
Thus, this aura can be briefly summoned up into a meaning which explains it to be the effect as created mutually out of the positive and negative energies as hold by different planets at the time of the birth of the person. This is the very base of drawing an individual’s horoscope, which is an astrological tool of predicting the life and future of that person. Talking about the aura, it keeps on getting affected by the way a certain planet is emitting energies as well as all the planets are mutually emitting energies for an individual. In case where one certain planet has proven to be a source of negative energies for an individual, then in that case, that individual will get adversely affected in some certain factor related to that planet. For instance, marriage related problems are the results of a weak or malefic Mars. In order to eliminate these ill-effects, remedies are required to be made. Gemstones are those remedial tools.

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