Vape Advocacy Success Stories: Making a Difference


Vape advocacy has played a crucial role in shaping policies and perceptions surrounding vaping. This article highlights individuals and groups whose advocacy efforts have made a significant impact on the vaping community.

The Fight for Harm Reduction

1. Greg Conley

  • As the president of the American Vaping Association, Conley has been a tireless advocate for harm reduction through novo 2x pod. His work includes lobbying for sensible regulations and fighting against unfair restrictions.

2. Sarah Jakes

  • Jakes, a former smoker and founder of The Safer Nicotine Alliance, has been instrumental in advocating for harm reduction alternatives in the UK. Her advocacy focuses on providing smokers with accurate information about vaping.

Grassroots Activism

1. Not Blowing Smoke

  • This California-based advocacy group has been at the forefront of the fight against excessive vaping regulations. Their grassroots efforts include educational campaigns and mobilizing vapers to engage with lawmakers.

2. CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association)

  • CASAA is a national organization in the United States that represents the interests of consumers who use safer nicotine products. They provide resources and engage in advocacy efforts at both the state and federal levels.

Medical Professionals and Researchers

1. Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos

  • Dr. Farsalinos, a cardiologist and leading researcher in the field of vaping, has been instrumental in dispelling myths and providing evidence-based information about the relative safety of vaping compared to smoking.

2. Dr. Riccardo Polosa

  • Dr. Polosa, a physician and researcher, has conducted extensive studies on the effects of vaping. His research has contributed significantly to the scientific understanding of vaping as a harm reduction tool.

Legal Advocates

1. Gregory Conley (Again)

  • Conley’s legal expertise has been instrumental in challenging excessive and unjust vaping regulations. His work includes representing vapers and advocacy organizations in court cases.

2. Azim Chowdhury

  • As a lawyer specializing in FDA regulatory law, Chowdhury has been a key figure in advocating for fair regulations that balance harm reduction with public health concerns.

Celebrity Advocates

1. David Sweanor

  • Sweanor, a prominent tobacco control expert, has advocated for harm reduction strategies, including vaping, on a global scale. His advocacy work emphasizes pragmatic approaches to reducing smoking-related harm.

2. Dr. Attila Danko

  • A physician and harm reduction advocate, Dr. Danko uses his platform to educate the public and policymakers about the potential benefits of vaping as a smoking cessation tool.


These vape advocacy success stories illustrate the impact that dedicated individuals and groups can have in shaping policies and public perceptions surrounding vaping. Their efforts have played a critical role in advocating for harm reduction and providing smokers with safer alternatives. It’s important to recognize and support these advocates as they continue to work towards a balanced approach to vaping regulation and education.

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